Lawn Installation by Grasshoppers Landscaping

Sod & Seeding

Grasshoppers LLC lawn installation services include sod, seeding and soil preparation. Grasshoppers professionals are experts at lawn installation and providing ideal conditions for a lawn planting to give you a lush lawn that will give you years of use. 


A properly installed lawn needs:

  • Sufficient screened topsoil, at least 4-6 inches.
  • Topsoil amended with organic matter to prevent compaction during establishment and increase water retention properties. 
  • Proper drainage. 
  • The right pH, a soil test is recommended. 
  • Starter fertilizer to provide balanced nutrition during the establishment period. 

Irrigation Systems & Services

Grasshoppers Landscaping installs and maintains irrigation systemsGrasshoppers LLC is a full-service professional landscaping company experienced in designing and installing residential irrigation systems that will keep your landscape healthy and beautiful.


Services we provide include:

  • Residential Design Services
  • System Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Repair
  • Spring Start Up
  • Fall Winterization

Maintenance Services


Pruning encourages flower and fruit production, controls growth, removes damage and maintains shape.  Proper pruning improves a plants health and beauty.  Pruning can be done  weekly, bi-weekly, or on a one-time basis depending on your specific needs.


Fertilizing maintains plant health by replacing the nutrients a plant consumes from the soil.  Fertilizing increases flower and fruit growth, promotes vibrant color, stimulates root formation and increases disease resistance.  We'll recommend a fertilization schedule that's right for the plants in your landscape.


Seasonal color adds vibrance and accents the beauty of your home.  Adding annual flowers such as impatiens, begonias and petunias will enhance any landscape.  We'll make specific recommendations based on your home, landscape conditions and existing plantings.


Weeding not only makes your landscape more attractive, it improves the health of plants you do want, since weeds compete with plantings for soil nutrients and water.


Mulching adds to your landscape beds' appearance and helps retain needed moisture on hot summer days and insulate a plants roots during the winter.  


Sprinkler system timers should be adjusted with the seasons and significant weather changes to ensure sufficient watering during dry periods and overwatering during rainy spells.  We can visit your home as-needed to make necessary adjustments and any repairs needed to your system.  An efficiently operating system will save you money on both your wanter and electric bills.

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