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Planting Services

Proper planting is essential to the long-term health of your landscape plants.   An improperly planted tree or shrub will not thrive.


Here are a few things that cause poor plant health:

  • Planting too deep
  • Planting too shallow
  • Improperly amended soil
  • Improper back fill
  • Poor drainage

Grasshoppers experienced staff understands planting and all of our planting jobs come with a warranty when we supply the plant material.


Sod & Seeding

Grasshoppers lawn installation services include sod, seeding and soil preparation.


Grasshoppers professionals are experts at lawn installation and providing ideal conditions for a lawn planting to give you a lush lawn that will give you years of use. 


A properly installed lawn needs:

  • Sufficient screened topsoil, at least 4-6 inches.
  • Topsoil amended with organic matter to prevent compaction during establishment and increase water retention properties. 
  • Proper drainage. 
  • The right pH, a soil test is recommended. 
  • Starter fertilizer to provide balanced nutrition during the establishment period. 

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